You are an intern hired for a part time position with the Dunder Mifflin paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania . You had no qualifications, but they still hired you! No idea why, but you got the job! They clearly saw a lot of potential in you. What else could be the reason, right? Well, it's your first day on the job, let's see if there will be a second.


Game developed by all members of the Game Development Process class of Spring Semester 2019:

Game Director: Justin Mohlman

Producers: Parker Hamilton (Gameplay), Dan Dababneh (Art), Timothy Chatman (Narrative & Sound)

Systems and UI: Jiening Tao, Zoey Reyes

Art: Eric Lovelock, Ishan Dutta, Kyle Cook, Valhalla Villareal, J

Gameplay: Andrew Feagley, Cole McDaniel, Evan Karlson, Henry Hoare, Justin Carpenter, Matt Robertson, Robert Sandoval, Stephen Keogg, Scott Little

Narrative: Cole M. Bonnema, Dan Steinmetz, Mitchell Quigg, Eric Olson

Audio: Jonathan Way , Scott Little ,   Dan Steinmetz


Newest Office Prototype 25 MB